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Podcast: #56 Forever

We remember Mark Buehrle’s brilliance and lasting legacy on this week’s show.

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This week’s episode is now available for your enjoyment. Here is this rundown:

  • [4:33] Our guest this week is friend of the podcast from, it’s Scott Merkin. He shares his favorite moments interviewing Buehrle, what he was like after his major achievements, and what are the odds Buehrle stays on the Hall of Fame ballot long enough to make his case interesting. Plus, the latest on Carlos Rodon, Jon Garland, and Jake Burger.
  • [29:35} Jim shares what he thinks is Buehrle’s lasting legacy. As well as how long is James Shields leash after Saturday’s performance, Rick Renteria getting tossed in games, and what our expectations are for Carlos Rodon’s first start in 2017.
  • [56:03] This week’s Minor League Report.
  • [58:12] This week’s P.O. Sox questions which include:

To listen, click play below:

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