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Podcast: 2017 MLB Draft Preview

A friend of the podcast,’s Jim Callis joins the show to share the latest with next week’s draft, and why it would be a good thing if Jeren Kendall fell to the White Sox.

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Episode 138 is available for your listening pleasure. Here is this week’s rundown:

  • What a horrible weekend for the Chicago White Sox as they were swept out of Detroit. Starting pitching has suffered recently and we debate if the early good performances were an illusion. Also, how soon should we see James Shields and Carlos Rodon making starts for the White Sox?
  • We preview the upcoming series between the White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays with a “Who would you rather have?” concerning Jose Quintana and Chris Archer.
  • (19:06) A big focus on this week's show is the MLB Draft, and a friend of the podcast, Jim Callis, helps us with the newest info. If Jeren Kendall drops to #11, would he be a good choice by the White Sox? Who else would make sense at that draft slot? Who is rising up the boards and who is falling? Who would be better long-term: Kendall or Adam Haseley? We answer all those questions in this segment to help us prepare for next week.
  • (53:13) Jim has the weekly highlights down on the farm with the Minor League Report.
  • (56:17) Of course, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox:

To listen, click play below:

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