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Podcast: Hard to Watch

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A breakdown of the current White Sox minor leagues with larry and guest Danny Rockett to preview this week’s Crosstown Classic.

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Episode 145 is available for your listening pleasure. Here is this week’s rundown:

  • Man, are the Chicago White Sox hard to watch. Losers of nine straight games, it doesn’t help matters with Rick Renteria’s bunting habits. Or Tim Anderson continuing to struggle. We discuss both topics and recap Yoan Moncada’s first series performance.
  • [16:10] With the updated Top 100 and Top 30 prospects for each team coming soon on, larry joins the show to share his thoughts about the White Sox farm system. How not calling up Reynaldo Lopez is creating a logjam in the minor leagues, which players deserve a promotion (hello, Eloy Jimenez), and which players should Sox fans be worried about (hello, Zack Collins)
  • [43:54] Starting on Monday, it’s that time of the year when the White Sox and Cubs play for a generic cup for Chicago supremacy. Danny Rockett of the Son Ranto Show and Bleed Cubbie Blue helps preview the series.
  • [59:38] Jim brings the Minor League Report, and your questions [62:00] on P.O. Sox. Here are this week’s:

To listen, click play below: