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Yoan Moncada, Willy Garcia injured in collision

Top White Sox prospect departs game via cart, but team’s first report is encouraging

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Yoan Moncada and Willy Garcia both departed tonight’s game in the sixth inning after a nasty collision in shallow right field.

With the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth, Darwin Barney hit a fly to shallow right field, drawing Moncada and Jose Abreu back and Garcia in. It was out of Abreu’s range, but Garcia and Moncada remained in pursuit. Garcia slid to make the catch, and Moncada tried to jump over him. He noticed too late to clear him, though, and Moncada’s knee connected with the side of Garcia’s head.

The ball rolled out of Garcia’s glove as he crumpled, and Moncada also remained on the ground after tumbling through Garcia. Abreu was left to return the ball to the infield, but three runs had scored by then. Garcia was able to leave under his own power, but Moncada required an exit via cart.

Given that visual, the White Sox were able to offer some relief by announcing that x-rays of Moncada’s knee revealed only a bruise, and he’s day to day. Garcia suffered a contusion to his head and will undergo further evaluation.

It brought back memories of other ugly infielder-outfield collisions, such as Magglio Ordonez and Willie Harris in 2004, and Ozzie Guillen and Tim Raines in 1992. It sounds like this one won’t reach that level of severity from the initial report, but further bulletins as events warrant.

Update: The White Sox are confident about their initial report:

As for Garcia:

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the White Sox use the seven-day concussion disabled list for Garcia given this account: