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Podcast: Sweet Swinging Seby Zavala

Or, you can call this the Tyler Clippard emergency podcast.

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Episode 148 is now available for your listening pleasure. Here is this week’s rundown:

  • Tyler Clippard was traded to the Houston Astros. White Sox GM Rick Hahn was able to sell off Clippard while he was pitching well and we ponder if the return will have any influence on the previous Yankees deal. Plus, what are the odds that Miguel Gonzalez is moved before end of August?
  • We recap Reynaldo Lopez’s start. What worked well for him and what areas he found some trouble in.
  • Tim Anderson has been on a tear as of late and now has hit as many home runs as Avisail Garcia. Is a slugging profile better suited long-term for Anderson? If so, is that a good thing for a future White Sox contending team?
  • Derek Holland appears to be toast. Is it too late to try and make a switch to the bullpen allowing Lucas Giolito to earn starts before 2017 ends?
  • [31:09] Our guest this week is Winston-Salem catcher, Seby Zavala. Seby shares his experience learning how to hit under Tony Gwynn, how watching Eloy Jimenez bat has helped him offensively, what pitches he works on specifically with Dane Dunning and Alec Hansen, and his views about pitch framing.
  • [41:52] This week’s Minor League Report with great performances from Jimenez and Michael Kopech.
  • [44:25] Speaking of Michael Kopech, he was part of this week’s P.O. Sox:

To listen, click play below: