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Sporcle Saturday: Double your pleasure

Who’s hit at least 40 two-baggers in a season for the Sox?

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros
Jose Abreu raises his arm in triumph as he realizes he’s the impetus for the next South Side Sox Sporcle Saturday.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night’s game between the White Sox and Astros saw Jose Abreu log his fortieth double on the season. For the season, Jose is currently one of only eleven players to hit at least forty doubles: if he continues to sustain this pace of hitting, it’s possible he could even finish in the top-5 on the season. (Jose Ramirez leads the way with 51, so Abreu’s chances of leading the league are virtually impossible)

Abreu’s fortieth double was also somewhat less conventional than the usual variety:

What better way to celebrate than with a Sporcle? Today’s challenge: name the players in Sox history who have hit at least forty doubles in a single season. Good luck!

Quiz parameters:

  • The usual applies: first and last names will be accepted, as well as last names only. A couple of nicknames, too.
  • You get seven minutes to complete the list.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season in which the feat occurred, as well as the number of doubles, and the primary position(s) played.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or sadden your friends:

  • This is only the seventh time in Sox history a player has hit at least forty doubles and thirty home runs in the same season. A couple of those were repeats, so Abreu is also only the fifth Sox player to record these numbers, and the 169th in MLB history.
  • The average triple-slash for the players on this list: .312/.380/.502.
  • Of the players on this list, every single one also recorded at least one stolen base. And, every player but two recorded at least one triple.

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