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Episode 154: The 2nd Wave

Guest: Curt Bloom, Birmingham Barons

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Episode 154 is available to listen. Here is this week’s rundown:

  • We recap another September series win for the Chicago White Sox this time over the Kansas City Royals. Should we begin to believe that Avisail Garcia is a 3 Win player? Is this the best month we've seen from Tim Anderson? If Carlos Rodon needs shoulder surgery what does that do for the 2018 rotation?
  • Plus a look at the second wave of prospects for the White Sox with voice of the Birmingham Barons, Curt Bloom. He shares what lead to Michael Kopech's turnaround, why Eloy Jimenez reminds him of Miguel Cabrera, and what Alec Hansen needs to focus on to be successful in AA.
  • This week’s P.O. Sox questions include the possibility of Joc Pederson to the White Sox and these:

To listen, click play below: