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Sox Century: Sept. 24, 2017

Babe Ruth gets his revenge on Reb Russell, but in a game that didn’t matter

National Photo Company Collection / Library of Congress

Back on Aug. 21, Reb Russell outdueled Babe Ruth at Comiskey Park to extend his dominance over the Red Sox and ensure a split at a key point in the season.

Russell’s unlikely success against Boston finally expired today, and Ruth got the better of the rematch in a 3-0 victory, but it was a couple days too late to make any difference. The Chicago Tribune instead spun Ruth’s eight-hit shutout as a way for the White Sox to get a fresh look at ace-like stuff.

Those new Champion White Sox lost another “exhibition” game, but got some swell practice for the big show with the New York Giants, which is not far distant. It was a workout for Rowland’s men, designed to aid them in trying to hit the curves of Ferdie Schupp, Slim Sallee, and Rube Benton, because Boston sent big Babe Ruth to the slab with orders to give ‘em all he had. Ruth did that and Boston won, 3 to 0. Just the same the Sox were thankful, for after the experience of looking at those southpaw curves, the ones of Schupp, Sallee, and Benton ought to be easy now.

The White Sox’ regular lineup was mostly intact, with the exception of Bird Lynn catching in the place of Ray Schalk. The hit total suggests the Sox weren’t exactly shut down by Ruth. However, a handful of outs on the basepaths nullified their effects. Shano Collins was nailed at home on a contact play and later doubled off second on a liner to left, Happy Felsch was caught stealing and Fred McMullin was picked off.

Russell allowed single runs in half of his four innings, which was enough to take the loss, although his record remained a still-sterling 15-5.

The loss brought the season series with Boston to a close, and the White Sox successfully held the Red Sox at arm’s length with a 12-10 record in their head-to-head matchups.

On the other hand, McMullin and Buck Weaver headed out of town with a victory. It came in the courtroom, as they were required to appear in front of a judge regarding their roles in physical altercations following the gambling riot at Fenway Park in June. It didn’t last long, as the gambler who pressed the charges didn’t show up. From the Tribune:

The case against Weaver and McMullin was called this morning. Both athletes appeared in court and the judge then dismissed the base and talked baseball to them until time for the next case.

Record: 97-51 | Box score