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2018 Offseason Plan Project

Offseason plans heading into the 2019 season.

2018 SBN Offseason GM Simulation: How’d we do?

76 victories aren’t overwhelming, but it’s a five-win bump on the real team

Day 4: the White Sox post-sim roster

Big upgrades push the team better than .500

Day 3: roster and rumors roundup

A look back at the surprises and regrets of this week’s SB Nation offseason simulation

Day 2: objectively ridiculous

It’s the revenge of the framers, as defense comes to the fore in Chicago

Day 1: A whole new outfield

We score big — at a nice price — at the very start of SB Nation’s offseason simulation

DJ’s Offseason Plan

The rebuild is on, and that is the way the White Sox should continue

Year of the Hamster’s Offseason Plan

Sneaky dealings and an open pocketbook will push these White Sox to the brink of .500

katiesphil’s 2018 Off-Offseason Plan

It’s time for a strategy that incorporates both Puccini and Podsednik

The South Side Sox 2018 White Sox Offseason Plan Project

Cruise though another 100 losses, or depress the accelerator?

Whisoxman#’s 2018 Offseason Plan

A hopeful if unrealistic plan for this offseason