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Happy New Year, South Side Sox

And happy new/old home to me

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
Turning back time!
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Happy New Year, everybody. As Hawk Harrelson ended up saying for every holiday, make it a safe and reflective one.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: Effective today, I’m back at Sox Machine.

I thought about writing a farewell post, but I’m not really going anywhere aside from a different URL ( and Twitter account (@soxmachine). I’ll still be writing about the White Sox every damn day, and hopefully you’ll all follow me over there and get reacquainted with the two-jar routine.

(If this news upset you, well, maybe you shouldn’t have said “What’s a Sox Machine?” so much.)

I’d like to thank to everybody here for the discussions over the last seven years, as they’re a big reason why it’s easy to keep writing. Also, thanks to Larry, Josh, pnoles, HSA, Mark, Ken, Steve, Gus, Mike, Jimmy, Ted, Colin, Rob, and UD for helping out over the years, because they’re a big reason I haven’t burned out.

Mike (mikecws91) will be taking over site leadership on an interim basis. Those who are interested in taking it over on a more permanent basis should be on the lookout for a posting here. The requirements should look similar to those of previous openings.

Thanks again for seven fun years, and I’ll see you on the other side.