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WLS parent company looking to end White Sox radio deal

Two years into agreement, Cumulus Media asks court for an out

Chicago White Sox Victory Parade
A rare Ed Farmer sighting
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After 10 years on WSCR The Score, the White Sox signed a six-year deal to move their radio broadcasts to WLS AM 890, home of Steve Dahl and Rush Limbaugh, for the 2016 through 2021 seasons. Now, only two years into the contract, Cumulus Media, the parent company of WLS and many a radio station around America, is in bankruptcy proceedings and is asking the Court to get them out of their deal with the White Sox and a handful of others they’ve deemed “extremely unprofitable”.

The Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal has the full story, which indicates that Cumulus is looking to end about 20 contracts, which also include a radio deal with the Bulls and purchases of WKQX (101.1 FM) and WLUP (97.9 FM). The Court in New York is expected to decide on Cumulus’s motion February 1, which could put the Sox out on the metaphorical street ahead of the 2018 season.

The Score has already taken on the Cubs’ radio broadcasts, so the Sox would need to find a new home, and they are reportedly exploring their options now. Either way, it’s looking like another major upheaval for the White Sox Radio Network after making a move just two seasons ago.