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2018 South Side Sox Interactive Hall of Fame Results

The South Side Sox voting body elects three to the Hall of Fame

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians
Jim Thome receives word of his Hall Call.

This year, we had 159 voters, so 120 votes were needed in order to gain enshrinement into the South Side Sox version of the Hall of Fame. Three players met that standard and have gotten the call to the Hall.

Get Your Speeches Ready (75% or higher)

Jim Thome unsurprisingly received the most votes as he took in 151 votes, good enough for 95%. It was Thome’s first year on the ballot and he will rock an Indians cap on his plaque. But it will also say White Sox 2006-2009, so that is cool. And it makes my White Sox Hall of Fame shirt even more out of date.

Chipper Jones was next with 142 votes, good for 89.3%. The long time Braves third baseman cruised into the Hall in his first effort.

Vladimir Guerrero is the third member with 129 votes, good for 81.1%. The Expos last superstar will wear their cap. He was also elected by South Side Sox last year when he got 84% of the vote.

Near Misses (60-74.9%)

Barry Bonds received 102 votes, good for 64.2%. The Home Run King falls 18 votes shy of getting the call. He dropped from the 73.4% South Side Sox gave him last year.

Roger Clemens also had 102 votes, good for 64.2%. He had 66 percent last year, so his fall was not as big as Bonds.

Mike Mussina had 97 votes, good for 61%. This is a three percent increase from the 58.2% he had last year. Things are slowly trending right for Mussina.

Edgar Martinez had 97 votes, good for 61%. Last year he was named on 64% of the ballot so he saw a three percent decline.

You Got Some Work to Do (30-59.9%)

Usually I have another area here of “strong support” which is guys that were named on over 50 but not yet 60 percent of the ballot. This year there wasn’t another guy named on 50 percent. We had to go all the way down to 40.3% to find...

Trevor Hoffman who received 64 votes for his 40.3%. He stayed virtually the same as last year he had 40.4%. It seems the sledding will be rough in these parts if he continues on the ballot next year.

Curt Schilling also received 64 votes for 40.3%. This is yet another fall for Schilling, who had 48% last year.

Manny Ramirez netted 59 votes, good for 37.1%, which is about the same as last years 37.9%.

Larry Walker snagged 58 votes, good for 36.5%. He took a slight three percent dip in the voting.

Andruw Jones recorded 51 votes, good for 32.1% in his first year. I’m hoping he stays on the real ballot so we can decide on him again next year. He seems pretty obvious to me.

Scott Rolen received 48 votes, good for 30.2% in his first run on the ballot.

At Least They Got Double Digits (10-29.9%)

Omar Vizquel was named on 35 ballots, good for 22% in his first turn. The South Side Sox conglomerate weren’t buying his defense only case.

Fred McGriff also received 35 votes, good for 22%. This is a five percent drop for the Crime Dog from last year. Things are going in the wrong direction for him.

Gary Sheffield was named on 29 ballots, good for 18.2%. Last year Sheff had 24 percent so he took a hit in his third year.

Jeff Kent had 27 votes which gave him 17 percent. That is up from the 14 percent that he had last year, but he is going to have to move quicker than that.

Still on the Ballot (5-9.9%)

Sammy Sosa had 15 votes, which gave him 9.4% which was a big fall from the 17.9% he had last year.

Billy Wagner totaled 11 votes, which gave him 6.9%, which was about the same as last year’s 6.1.

Johan Santana was named on 10 ballots, good for 6.3% on his first ballot. He hopes to have the same success tonight.

Jamie Moyer got 10 ballots as a show of support for the older guys. It was his first time through the process.

Carlos Lee totaled nine votes to get 5.7% and live to see another day. Meanwhile, Scott Podsednik was eligible for the ballot, but was kept off of it this year.

Off the Ballot (lower than 5% ... eight votes were needed to stay on)

Chris Carpenter has a relative here and got 3 votes.

Brad Lidge got 3 honorary votes for his role in the 2005 World Series.

Hideki Matsui got 2 votes, probably from porn dealers.

Kerry Wood got 2 votes from Cub fans.

Johnny Damon got 1 vote, which is a bit of a shame I suppose.

Livan Hernandez got 1 vote.

Orlando Hudson got 1 vote.

Aubrey Huff got 1 vote.

Jason Isringhausen got 1 vote.

Kevin Millwood and Carlos Zambrano were shut out.

Two jokesters voted for NONE.


I was a little disappointed with our results this year. I think we will have at least one, if not two guys (Martinez and Hoffman), who get in this afternoon who were not named here. I believe that will be the first time that has ever happened, that we are stricter voters than the actual voting body. Maybe that is a good thing? I don’t know.

Thome and Chipper got in without an issue on their first try, which was expected. Vladimir was named here last year, so I’m not surprised by that either. I thought that Bonds and Clemens might have a chance because they were awfully close last year, but I guess we still have some old people voting who haven’t died yet. :)

Andruw Jones received strong support here. I was going to write it off as the usual “White Sox bump,” but Omar Vizquel did not receive that.

I’m still really disappointed in the Sosa and Sheffield totals.

Schilling has offended people probably beyond the point of return.

Mussina is still not getting that close, which surprised me.

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2011: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2012: Barry Larkin

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2013: Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2014: Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2015: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2016: Ken Griffey, Jr., Tim Raines, Mike Piazza

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2017: Tim Raines, Vladimir Guerrero, Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2018: Jim Thome, Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero

Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Todd Helton, Andy Pettitte, Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, Miguel Tejada, Freddy Garcia, Kevin Youkilis, Vernon Wells, Michael Young, Jon Garland, Juan Pierre and Octavio Dotel will be eligible next year. Edgar Martinez (unless he is voted in tonight) and Fred McGriff will be on their 10th and final ballot.

Thanks for participating!