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Gamethread: Tiebreakers

A doubleheader of Brewers at the northsiders and Rockies at Dodgers mark an unprecedented baseball day!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Milwaukee Brewers
Momentum for Milwaukee: Let’s make the Cubbies’ season go boom, shall we?
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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There are a lot of good tiebreaker game previews out there written by writers more interested and qualified than yours truly.

But we know we have at least WIN05 on the north side, infiltrating that ballpark and operating as our own SSSecret agent. The northsiders have to be a little frustrated; they played strong ball down the stretch, but just got up and caught my Milwaukee, who played even better. Personally, I’d love to see the prematurely coronated masters of the baseball universe not even end up with a division title, after leading all year.

And if there’s one thing Joe Maddon’s “creative” managing in clutch games has taught us, he may not be an asset to his team in Game 163. (That presumes he is an asset in Games 1-162, which I will dispute.)

Dodgers-Rockies, I don’t have a big preference. Of course, I root for the underdog. But then, L.A. was (by SRS, at least), heads above anyone else in the National League (including those “masters”), so part of me needs to swallow the poison knowing you need a Dodgers team as a division winner to help ace out our direct rivals.

Anyway, have fun today, the baseball should be terrific!

Rocktober, get it?