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Gamethread: Red Sox at Dodgers, World Series Game 5

It’s desperation time for L.A., as Boston smells blood in the water

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: When one of the top highlights of your World Series is having a superfan attempt to distract with a Craig Kimbrel imitation, you’re not having a great World Series.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers, World Series Game 5 (7:15 CT, FOX)

Quick gamethread here, running a little behind on this possible-end-of-season Sunday.

Boston proved able to sweep a formidable opponent out of the playoffs in just its last series, taking three straight in Houston to advance to the World Series, so you have to like the Red Sox’s chances of closing it all out tonight.

Chris Sale looms in relief tonight, providing the Carmines can smell blood in the water.

But the starter is a bit of a surprise, outhouse-to-penthouse starter David Price.

Clayton Kershaw starts yet another desperation game for the Dodgers. Perhaps he’s getting tired of being put in that position, and wants to opt-out after the season? Hey Clayton, here on the South Side we promise not to put you in such a position for at least another couple of years!