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Glad Tidings, from South Side Sox!

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A sneak preview of gifts to finish out 2018 and push us toward spring training

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox
Coincidentally: From the final White Sox game for both Juan Pierre (foreground) and SSS’s managing editor.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Well, friends, Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays, and all that jazz!

It’s been a year of transition in more ways that one — but I hope more than anything else, we’ve tried to make Chicago White Sox baseball fun.

If you’ve already gathered background on the White Sox Christmas babies, scroll down for a random assortment of White Sox and baseball holiday wishes.

Scattered among the usual news and notes that will take us from 2018 to 2019 (you know, the Yasmani signing article, the Bryce signing article, the Manny signing article, that sort of thing), we’ve got three big pieces coming that are worthy of marking the calendar for.

Fingers crossed, sometime tomorrow Brett will release this year’s South Side Sox Hall of Fame ballot, with two weeks of voting to follow. Last year, we inducted Jim Thome, Chipper Jones and Vladimir Guerrero. I believe this year is unique in that several candidates who have dropped off of the BBWAA ballot (Carlos Lee, Jamie Moyer, Johan Santana) are still on the SSS’s, and one BBWAA elected player (Trevor Hoffman) remains as well. Anyway, keep an eye out.

After the announcement of our 2019 South Side Sox Hall of Fame class, we’ll have a two-week period voting for the second annual South Side Sox White Sox Hall of Fame class. Players inducted in the inaugural 2018 class included Luis Aparicio, Luke Appling, Nellie Fox, Minnie Miñoso and Frank Thomas, as well as honorees in other oddball categories, like Greatest Uniform and Best Promotion. Voting will end right before the beginning of SoxFest, on January 24.

Right around SoxFest, plans are to unveil another new feature on South Side Sox, Miñoso League Baseball. I don’t really have all the details — I don’t think everything’s been decided yet — but from what I do know, it’s a fantasy baseball league unlike anything offered before. Pretty sure Brett is still searching for a commissioner, by the way.

From there, wow, we’re about two weeks from pitchers and catchers, and the first real photos of Yasmani, Bryce and Manny in their new White Sox garb. Dig it!