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Top White Sox Screenshots of 2018

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Let’s take a dash back through the past and enjoy the wildest and wackiest grabs of the past season

Not Recommended: Catching a home run ball in the bullpen with your pitching hand, Hector.

All right, folks, this started out as a harmless perusal of a season’s worth of screenshots, and grew into something rather ... unwieldy.

Some were used in SSS copy and/or @SouthSideSox tweets, and some are making their publication debut here and now, direct from the cutting-room floor.

But this explosion of weird and wacky White Sox visuals originally was intended to prompt something else: your favorite memories of the Chisox season, for a possible future end-of-year feature. So, please, in lieu of tipping your composer, leave some of your favorite 2018 moments in the comments.

And now for something completely different ...

Opening Day was so long ago ...

“RBI double”

Buns up.

May 20: Reynaldo announces his presence with authority, with an 80 game score vs. Texas.

July 21: Dylan Covey’s gem in Seattle is in jeopardy, as Dee Gordon hits an apparent homer to lead off the ninth ...

... but LEURY SAYS NO! (just moved from center to left before the inning began). Note: Hector is happy!
And so’s Leury.

Wimpy: “I look terrified!”

The Gatorade that launched 1,000 memes.

No need to confirm that Joe West is umping home plate, right?

MiGo is manhandled, so to speak, by Yolmer in the postgame handshake line.
No one is safe — and nothing is sacred — when Yolmer is on the diamond.

June 3: After nine minor league seasons, Alfredo González gets his first major league hit, and RBI, in his final White Sox game.

Avisaíl García knee injury? Check. Hamstring strain? Check. Hey, Yoán and Yolmer, sound like a good idea to hit him with postgame ice and Gatorade? Sure!

Tim Anderson catches Billy Hamilton off of second for a sweet pickoff — but Jace Fry doesn’t even take a glance. TA lets him hear it.

Daniel Palka’s Players’ Weekend cleat swagger.


Matt Davidson’s disappearing facial hair ...
... culminated with a big RBI single in extras in Cleveland.


After a dumb base on balls by Juan Minaya, Tim Anderson makes his feelings known at the mound.

Hitless in his first seven MLB games, Ryan Cordell recorded his first career hit with a homer on September 14.


It’s only fair that team HR leader Palka gets to keep the home run medallion all offseason.

Leury is the only White Sox hitter who should be allowed to bunt, ever.

“Yoán should move to third base center field some other position.”

As usual, Hawk was watching another game entirely.

Value-added Yolmer.

Palkasmash for an oppo game-winner ...
... complete with a Cheshire cat grin rounding the bases.

The Mouth That Roars.

A skyrocket-in-flight homer from Luis Robert in the AFL, courtesy of a Kim C video for SSS.

A 100-loss season indeed crosses into Chuck-interviewing-the-drunks watchability.
A 100-loss season indeed invites the wearing of the shoe hat.

And, that’s a wrap. May we never speak of 100 losses again.