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New South Side Sox Instagram Account: @southsidesoxsbn

The homepage for the new SSS Instagram account: @southsidesoxsbn

The South Side Sox brand is expanding! Check out our new Instagram account, @southsidesoxsbn, for an alternative look to SSS content. As the new Instagram account coordinator, I’m hoping to engage with fans in a unique way on the newest SSS social media account. Obviously, this site would be nothing without our incredible fan base, so please let us know in the comment section what content you would like to see on the SSS Instagram!

Currently, we are planning to use the account to show off fan photos, provide quick game updates (final score, key plays, and stats), predictions, viral photos/videos, and more. The content on @southsidesoxsbn will be a little different than you’ll see here, but will be a another great forum to show your White Sox love!