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South Side Horseshoe to make its debut

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That’s a Spicy Horseshoe: Sox Park’s newest sammich, the South Side Horseshoe.
D’Arcy’s Pint/Facebook

Chicago White Sox superfan and senior editor Ashok Selvam has surveyed a new eats option at Sox Park this summer over at SSS sister site Eater Chicago.

As a guy whose go-to ballpark foods (nachos with jalepeños, elotes) may tab me as a gourmand but not exactly a gourmet, I willingly cede the floor to an expert. I admit, I did not think you could eat a horseshoe.

Head on over to Eater Chicago and have a look.

And no matter what you do, don’t ask Ashok about this hidden gem, stashed somewhere in his house, far from the curious eyes of his wife:

Boy Howdy: This could haunt even a White Sox fan’s dreams.