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South Side Stumper: 1983 White Sox

Rolling out a new South Side Sox quiz; give it a whirl, people

Pudge Pursues Pop: As the White Sox were running away with the AL West, Carlton Fisk chased a pop fly vs. the Milwaukee Brewers at County Stadium on July 23, 1983.
John Iacono/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images
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After the Go-Go Sox and before The Kids Can Play, there were the ugly 1983 Chicago White Sox.

The team is the stuff of lore, winning the AL West by a comfortable margin and filled with crazy characters: Greg “Bull” Luzinski, Carlton “Pudge” Fisk, Tom “Wimpy” Paciorek, Julio “Juice” Cruz. A former steelworker turned slugger named Kitty shook up the American League. And there was even a relatively young broadcaster — he went by Hawk, or Eagle or something — covering the champagne spray in the locker room.

And, of course, the super-poly, too-late-for-the-seventies pullovers have proven so popular with the walking goldmine that is Generation X, the White Sox wear 1983 throwbacks at every Sunday home game.

With Sporcle departed, here’s a take on a slightly different sort of quiz. It’s timed, 20 questions, different formats. It’s not easy. Pre-research, I probably would have scored 65%. But you know, we’re not soft here at South Side Sox: Man (or woman) up and take the plunge.

Click this link for the South Side Stumper.

Feedback, scores, general garrulousness all welcome in the comments. As with all here in spring training, we’re working out the kinks.