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Your guide to pronouncing all those tricky White Sox names

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José Abreu not included, because we have given up hope of anyone ever getting that one right

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
Qu’Est-ce que C’est? Poor Yolmer had to deal with people mispronouncing his name as “Carlos” for years.
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

You know, strange as it may seem, nowadays they give ballplayers very peculiar names. And those names can be hard to pronounce — even the deceptively simple ones!

Sure, Chris Sales and José Quinntano may have moved on, but there are still plenty of challenging names left on that roster! Here’s a brief rundown on how to pronounce some of those names on the White Sox (pronounced “white sox”) that may be giving you a bit of a hard time:

Micker Adolfo (MIK-ee uh-DOL-fin)

Luis Avilán (LOO-ee BAB-uh-lon)

Luis Basabe (LOO-ee WAH-suh-bee)

Adam Engel (uh-DAM EYN-juhl)

Dylan Covey (DAHY-lon KAW-fee)

Danny Farquhar (DON-ee fohr-WAWRN)

Avisaíl García (uh-VIZH-oo-uhl gahr-CHEE-uh)

Leury García (LAR-ee gahr-THEE-uh)

Lucas Giolito (LUHK-lis jee-uh-LEE-uh)

Eloy Jiménez (EL-roi hee-MEEN-wel)

Michael Kopech (MEZ-eyl koh-puh-SET-ik)

Yoán Moncada (YOH-yoh man-KEY-toh)

Omar Narváez (OH-muh-haw nuh-BRAS-kuh)

Daniel Palka (duh-THAN-yuhl PAHR-kurh)

Luis Robert (LOO-ee BAH-bee)

Carlos Rodón (KAHRL-ohs RAN-duhm)

Yolmer Sánchez (HOH-mer SIMP-suhn)

Joakim Soria (wah-KEEN FEE-niks)

Thyago Vieira (TIB-huhlt vuh-ROH-nuh)

Michael Ynoa (mahyk yoo-NOH)

Credit to twitter user @JRFegan for compiling this list