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SSS Outing X

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Tenny for Kenny


Gals and guys of South Side internet pride, I bring official tidings that the 10th Annual South Side Sox Meet-up will be held on Saturday, May 19 (6:10 game start) vs the Rangers from Texas. There’ll be a pre-game tailgate, so the festivities will begin around 4 PM.

All the nittiest gritties will follow, including confirmed cost (it’s usually $45ish for lower deck tix + snacks). For now, I’d like to start building the roster so I can gauge the group size and firm up plans with the White Sox over the next month.

Please use the comments to commit your participation / express uncommitted interest / ask any questions* / sell others on the idea / make party recommendations** / marvel at how old we’ve gotten (10 years!?)

*No, small children are not invited, but I’m sure yours are delightful

**Please keep it legal (or text me boo)