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Super Stats Pack: Game 10

Yet another new stats feature from your friendly neighborhood SSS staff

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Early Leader in the Clubhouse: López tops Sox hurlers in Clutch Score, Game Score, WPA and Situational Wins so far this season.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

You may have noticed that we’ve been trying to do some different things with stats for far this season, from little things like citing game scores in game recaps to the postgame Six Pack of Stats (more on that to come).

In the spring, Brett put out an (almost-) daily Cactus League stats update, at least in part because that information wasn’t readily available ( was the best place to find it, and still, it could be wonky at times).

The information in this first, experimental “Super Stat Pack” isn’t readily available, at least not in easily-condensed form. (It is all available at our stats partner, FanGraphs, if you know where and how to look.)

The aim here is to present some unconventional statistics in the conventional Top 10 Leaders format, similar to what Brett did in the spring. There are some weird categories, but I’ve tried to parse the 12 best advanced stats for both hitters and pitchers. Some, like Win Probability Added (WPA), are included for both batters and pitchers, so, like with a WAR comparison, you can put together in your mind who from the entire roster has been the “most valuable” (if you choose to interpret WPA that way).

The intent is to run two different sets of Super Stat Packs, every 10 days. The second Super Stat Pack is going to cover team stats (how and what, don’t press me man, this is a lot of agate copy to parse) and WAR/surplus value (what Brett dotes on as his “value survey”).

In essence, every five games, there will be a Super Stat Pack out — the first team/WAR report will come out after Game 15, and so on, alternating.

As for the Six Pack of Stats — dude loves branding — it will make a comeback. It’s a hassle to try to orchestrate the Six Pack, namely holding the recap so the Six Pack can publish first, blah, blah whatever. Maybe the Six Pack doesn’t run every game. Maybe it becomes a morning/pregame feature that takes a glance back at the previous day’s game. I dunno. It’s a cool idea, even if not exactly a hotspot for comments and discussion.

Feedback definitely welcome on any of the above. If there’s a stat in these reports that should be swapped out for something better, or is redundant, let us know. As with everything here, this is a work in progress.

If you would like these stats defined, it’s going to be way easier for me to direct you to FanGraphs for either offensive or pitching terms.

So, away we go!