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South Side Stumper: Closers

Dig it: A lot of all-time White Sox closers share a first name

Batting Fifth: This Bulldogs slugger could also pitch a little.

Perhaps, with the Chicago White Sox sort of lacking a true ninth-inning guy, it’s a little weird to run a Stumper on White Sox closers. Who knows, maybe someone in the organization right now eventually will take his place alongside the all-time White Sox firemen.

The South Side Stumper is timed, 20 questions, different formats, five points per question. If you click “review all answers” after you’ve finished and get your results, I’ve included a sort of answer key for you so, you know, learning and stuff.

Our first Stumper, on the 1983 White Sox, was taken 408 times, with a 52% average score.

The second, on Hall of Fame White Sox, was taken 272 times, with a 69% average.

The third, on Opening Day, was taken 274 times, with a 69% average.

The fourth, on Sluggers, was taken 27 times, with a 60% average. That is not what you’d considered a good participation trend.

Click this link for the South Side Stumper.

As always, feedback, scores, general garrulousness all welcome in the comments.

Good luck, and don’t get too Stumped.