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White Sox at Twins ... wait, you mean they’re in Oakland already?

clearing snow
Dig It: It was determined that bobsledding to and from the clubhouse was not a workable situation for the White Sox and Twins.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
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Yeah, news came out yesterday, but for any of you just back from Fiji or a coma, the third of four White Sox-Twins games has been banged due to snow. Do I need to embed another vaguely foreboding statement from the Twins? No, I do not.

The Chicago White Sox are now in Oakland, prepping for tomorrow night’s game against the Oakland A’s.

They are probably not staying at the La Quinta Inn or Quality Inn across from the ballpark, or buying a series’ worth of food at the Food Maxx grocery near the park. Those late-night hops over the locked parking lot turnstiles, and walks back to the smoky motel postgame ... ah, the glorious life of a beat writer trying to save the mothership a few bucks in travel!

Anyway, as a fun bonus — and you know, fun bonuses don’t come up all that often at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum — on Tuesday, the two teams will be wearing 1968 throwbacks, and in the case of the White Sox, those baby-blue road unis aren’t ones we see often. Or ever?