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Super Stats Pack: Game 15

The best value for the White Sox thus far? Hint: He’s been catching a lot of hell

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics
Five Tools: All-around players are a tough sell as bad values.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This second Super Stat Pack covers team stats and WAR/surplus value (what Brett dotes on as his “value survey”).

In essence, every five games, there will be a Super Stat Pack out, alternating between White Sox Top 10s (Game 10, 20 ...) and this, the team/WAR report (Game 15, 25 ...).

A bit of explanation on the Value Survey stats, which come first below.

FanGraphs, our stats partner, generates dollar values for WAR. Yoan Moncada’s 0.7 WAR translates to $5.7 million, thus FanGraphs is valuing a 1.0 WAR at a bit more than $8 million.

The third column prorates Moncada’s salary through 15 games.

The fourth column simply subtracts that salary from Moncada’s dollar war value, to generate Surplus Value. Moncada is the team leader, at $5,665,900 in surplus value, with Tim Anderson second. The top pitcher value, Reynaldo López, is just the fifth-best value on the team.

After the surplus tables are the White Sox team stats, accompanied by where the club ranks in all of baseball. The closest they are to the top of any category is stolen bases, second in the league, at 18. The Sox are worst in baseball in four different categories, all on the pitching side.

[Yes, I know the WAR totals on the value tables do not match the WAR totals on the team stats tables. It could be writer error, it could be FanGraphs, it could be the cosmic disturbance that strikes when one of your team’s relief pitchers nearly dies in the dugout. Take it up with me in 10 games, fellas.]

If you would like these stats defined, it’s going to be way easier for me to direct you to FanGraphs for either offensive or pitching terms.