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Gamethread: Astros at White Sox

While PawPaw Verlander conjures up his next get-off-my-lawn act, the White Sox try to salvage a win against the world champs

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
Help Us, Reynaldo López: You’re our only hope.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The benching/not benching of Yoan Moncada took an interesting turn this morning, as a new leadoff man took his first steps in Sox Park:

The way Reynaldo López has been pitching, he might stand a chance even with the new addition, Penguín Chappas, in the lineup at second base.

Actually, the White Sox attempt to stop not winning this afternoon, with this lineup:

While ol’ PawPaw Verlander trades barbs with enraged South Siders, and wins the hearts and minds of simpleton Stros fans in the process, here’s the color-coded lineup from the World Champs:

#NeverSettle for Your Ace Attempting to School Fans With Cutesy Signage™