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White Sox and Mariners kick off todays MLB action

this is the gamethread.

What was the score yesterday? 10-4 good buddy.
What was the score yesterday? 10-4 good buddy.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The first two teams to take the field today are playing on the south side.

Let's look at today's starting line ups:

Tim Anderson with 3 HR and 8 SB going into the White Sox 20th game of the season is pretty nice. Keep up that pace and we're roughly looking at a 24 HR and 64 SB season. Hot Damn, I'd take that to the bank twice. And who cares if Justin Verlander doesn't like it.

Jose Abreu is doing his thing. .308 with 6 is pretty damn good considering it was still wintertime the whole season thus far.

I kind of like the defensive coverage the Sox have going on with Trayce Thompson, Leury Garcia, and Adam Engel. All three can go get it, I just wish one of them would go get a bat.

Chris Volstad is starting for the White Sox today, so bring your glove if you're sitting in the outfield on this lovely afternoon.

While the White Sox were busy getting snowed out, Mitch Haniger has gone full on beast mode. Extrapolating his numbers in the same crude way I did TA's, you're looking at a .338, 64 HR, 184 RBI. Monster.