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Mariners shut out White Sox, rubber match Wednesday vs King Felix

Mariners 1, White Sox 0

The Sox started the game with two straight hits, but couldn't do nothing with it. Tim Anderson was picked off at second base, Yolmer tried to advance, then tried to retreat when Anderson made it back to second, then TA tried to take third and both of them were tagged out on the play. Jose Abreu grounded out, to end of a really stupid inning.

The five o'çlock shadows stymied both squads for a couple innings after that, with a bit of an assist from home plate umpire Mike Estabrook. In fact, the highlight of the night for the White Sox was probably Rick Renteria getting tossed because of the terrible strike zone. Marco Gonzales was getting strikes called on balls too high, too low, and especially on the outside of the plate. It was a pretty bad display. The Sox started to chase more bad pitches as the game went on, because the writing was on the walls. Bring on the robot umpires already.

The Mariners scored their lone run off the bat of the monster Mitch Haniger, scoring the Kyle Seager and that was all she wrote.

At least the weather is starting to get nice.