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South Side Sox Prospect Vote: Round 7

Who is the seventh-best prospect in the White Sox system?

Back to the Generic Aisle: We have no access to Gavin Sheets photos, so instead, here’s a group of autograph hounds hoping to get a chance for a Gavin sig.

Congratulations, Dane Dunning!

With 68% of the vote (129 of 190 ballots), Dunning is South Side Sox’s No. 6 prospect for 2018. The consensus order is starting to take a hit, so things from here might get a little jankety.

Next up, a position player who both bunted for a hit and had a costly error in Opening Day action.

South Side Sox Top White Sox Prospects for 2018

  1. Eloy Jimenez — 70% (Kopech 16%, Robert 11%, Hansen 2%, Cease 1%)
  2. Michael Kopech — 75% (Robert 18%, Hansen 4%, Cease 2%, Dunning 1%)
  3. Luis Robert — 63% (Hansen 24%, Cease 8%, Dunning 4%, Collins 1%)
  4. Alec Hansen — 64% (Cease 25%, Dunning 6%, Burger 2%, Collins 2%)
  5. Dylan Cease — 70% (Dunning 21%, Rutherford 4%, Burger 3%, Collins 2%)
  6. Dane Dunning — 68% (Burdi 14%, Collins 7%, Burger 6%, Rutherford 5%)

Here are your choices for the seventh round of voting:

Zack Burdi, RP

2018 Age: 23

2017 High Level: Charlotte (AAA)

Overall 2017 stats: 29 games ▪️ 7 SV ▪️ 33 13 IP ▪️ 4.05 ERA ▪️ 51 K ▪️ 17 BB ▪️ 1.41 WHIP

Zack Burdi was the White Sox’s second pick (26th overall) in 2016, and was immediately put on the fast track to the majors. Burdi was on pace for a debut with the big club in 2017, but the came a torn UCL and Tommy John surgery, from which Burdi is still rehabbing. His total pro totals in 2016-17 include a 3.66 ERA in 55 games, eight saves, 102 strikeouts and 37 walks. Assuming all goes well with the final stages of rehab and some innings in 2018 to shake off the rust, Burdi may find himself in the White Sox bullpen mix a year from now.

Jake Burger, 3B

2018 Age: 22

2017 High Level: Kannapolis (A)

Overall 2017 stats: 51 games ▪️ 5 HR ▪️ 29 RBI ▪️ 14 BB ▪️ 30 K ▪️ .263/.336/.412

The No. 11 overall pick for the White Sox in 2017, Burger hit Kannapolis and flashed some power and a decent eye. Getting some early reps with the big club at the dawn of Cactus League play, Burger ruptured his Achilles running out a ground ball and will miss the 2018 season. Which is a shame, as Burger in 2018 was attempting to improve his conditioning while retaining all of the power that made him a slugger the Chisox couldn’t pass on last summer. For a power hitter, Burger doesn’t miss the ball very often. His relatively poor conditioning entering the pros made Burger a presumptive future first baseman or DH, but he has demonstrated some nimbleness at the hot corner. To his credit, it’s easy to imagine a clubhouse leadership role for Burger given his friend-to-all personality.

Zack Collins, C

2018 Age: 23

2017 High Level: Birmingham (AA)

Overall 2017 stats: 113 games ▪️ 19 HR ▪️ 53 RBI ▪️ 87 BB ▪️ 129 K ▪️ .224/.370/.445

Zack Collins his been a mixed bag as a pro. The White Sox picked him No. 10 overall in 2016 almost exclusively due to his massive bat at the University of Miami. At Winston-Salem after the draft, Collins hit .258/.418/.467 with six homers, but carried a high 25.5 K%. There were doubts about his ability to catch at the major league level going into the draft, and Collins did little to alleviate those with his first pro games. In 2017, acquitted himself better behind the plate but struggled offensively, spending much of the season hovering at the Mendoza Line. The White Sox still believe he will be a major league catcher, assigning him to Birmingham to begin his second full minor league season, but questions still linger on both the offensive and defensive sides.

Blake Rutherford, CF

2018 Age: 21

2017 High Level: Kannapolis (A)

Overall 2017 stats: 101 games ▪️ 2 HR ▪️ 35 RBI ▪️ 38 BB ▪️ 76 K ▪️ .260/.326/.348

It was a bit of a surprise that Rick Hahn got Rutherford from the New York Yankees as part of the Tommy Kahnle trade last summer, as a Top 100 prospect at the time. It may be another case of Rick getting his man, as the White Sox were said to be hot on Rutherford’s tail for the 2016 draft. Rutherford has struggled in A ball but is still younger than the average player at the level. Chicago anticipates seeing bigger power out of the center fielder, perhaps a 20-25 homer level, but overall he earns solid marks for all five tools. Behind Luis Robert in center, Rutherford could possibly move over to right in a future White Sox outfield, as he has the arm to pull the move off.

Gavin Sheets, 1B

2018 Age: 22

2017 High Level: Kannapolis (A)

Overall 2017 stats: 56 games ▪️ 4 HR ▪️ 28 RBI ▪️ 23 BB ▪️ 34 K ▪️ .279/.365/.397

Gavin Sheets was the White Sox’s second round choice in 2017, and had been rated the No. 60 prospect in the draft by MLB Pipeline. He is a product of Wake Forest University, where he earned plaudits for a pretty swing, plate discipline and overall strength. Sheets is a limited fielder and a lefthander, so he will live or die with his bat. The reports from his hitting work in Arizona this spring were positive, indicating he may be working on a loftier launch angle to drive the ball even better. He starts his first full White Sox season at Winston-Salem.


Who do you think is the seventh-best prospect in the White Sox system?

This poll is closed

  • 38%
    Zack Burdi
    (70 votes)
  • 13%
    Jake Burger
    (25 votes)
  • 30%
    Zack Collins
    (54 votes)
  • 16%
    Blake Rutherford
    (30 votes)
  • 0%
    Gavin Sheets
    (1 vote)
180 votes total Vote Now