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Fanpost Friday: Opening Day

Tell us about your favorite traditions, or your very favorite White Sox Opening Day

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Pretend There’s Not a Yahoo Sitting in a Bears chair at a White Sox Tailgate in a Dodgers Cap: Unless, of course, bringing along a whipping boy like that is one of your traditions ...
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In order to encourage more of your voices out there, we’re instituting a new effort to see more fanposting on South Side Sox.

The delightfully garrulous e-gus is going to be penning biweekly fantasy baseball missives over in our fanpost section. I believe Lil Jimmy does some periodic prospects work at Fanposts, and theswitchman has started up his White Sox baseball card series, Sox by the Letter, as well.

That’s a great start, but we want to hear from more of you.

As deputy editor of the site, one of my jobs is to manage and encourage Fanposts.

So, let me start off managing and encouraging a first Fanpost Friday, devoted to Opening Day games.

I’ve been to a handful of White Sox Opening Days, and I have to say my favorite was in 2006, when amid wind and rain and chill and rain delays, Jim Thome’s booming home run in the fourth spurred a win over the Cleveland Indians, 10-4.

It was the start of a great World Series follow-up season, but one that ultimately broke hearts: Despite winning 90 games, the White Sox saw their last of first place in May, and were overtaken for second in August. The coronation period was short, indeed.

But you’re not here to read about my memories or traditions. I’m here to read about yours.

So, what are your favorite Opening Day memories or traditions? Who do you watch with? What do you wear? Is there a favorite tradition you have or had with a parent, sibling, child?

And please, comments are welcome here, but if you share a long story in comments and not in a Fanpost, that defeats the purpose! You will get a scolding and may lose some of the precious South Side Sox FantasticPlasticSuperFanPoints™ you’ve worked so hard to accrue over the years.

Got it?

OK, click here or on “Fanposts” above on the banner to share your story.