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Gamethread: White Sox at Cubs

Lucas faces the Dark Side, and is our only hope

Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
Small Ball! One of the best plays all series for the White Sox — Adam Engel’s bunt.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
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OK all, it’s Mother-in-Law’s Day here in hot and sunny FLA, which means I’m off early and scheduling this gamethread well before any lineups are posted, or new and horrifying team stats are tweeted.

You will earn many South Side Sox Bux™ if any of you SSS editors out there want to break into this draft to post lineups, or if any gamethread masochists — if you’re here for a third straight day, gaping at the accident at the side of the road, you know you’re a masochist, man — can post lineups in the comments, cool. But if not, I submit: Will a White Sox lineup, any White Sox lineup, really affect the outcome of this game?

Choose your own; it can’t be worse that what Ricky (who hasn’t had his finest managing moments this series) will come up with today.

We do know it’s a battle of righties: one good (the Cubs’s Kyle Hendricks), one not (our Lucas Giolito). Safe to say Willson Contreras, with a slash line of 1.782/2.693/5.333 against the White Sox in the series, may be catching again today for the Cubs.

That’s all I got. Game recap will probably be late tonight, so win or lose, hang loose.

May the power of all our mothers’ love be with us today, straining through Game 3 of crosstown play.