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This may have been the Soxiest evening of 2018

Win in a laugher, but lose two players

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Chicago White Sox
Attention, Orioles, You Might Be Bad: Adam Engel went 4-for-4 in tonight’s game.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re the White Sox, and you get home runs from Adam Engel and Jose Rondon, and a quality start out of Dylan Covey, something must be going right.

That “something” may be “playing the Baltimore Orioles,” but the Sox looked like a major league baseball team tonight, beating the O’s 11-1 in a game that wasn’t close after the third inning.

But of course, Leury Garcia left the game with a knee sprain, and Welington Castillo is going to be suspended for 80 games for PED use.

Why can’t we have nice things? Why can’t we enjoy a meaningless win over a bad baseball team? Why can’t we rejoice in Covey’s first major league win and Rondón’s first major league home run?

Because this is the White Sox, that’s why.

But let us, for a moment, put that aside and celebrate Covey, who began his major league career with 13 winless starts, toiled away in Charlotte for most of this season, took his Carson Fulmer-aided-and-abetted opportunity tonight, and made the most of it. He threw only 81 pitches in seven innings, 52 of them for strikes. His final line was six hits, one earned run, one walk and an impressive eight strikeouts. It earned him both the win and the coveted Yolmer Gatorade bath:

The offense scored often: four in the third, two in the forth, three in the fifth, and another two in the seventh. Engel led the way (yes, that feels as weird to type as it does for you to read) with a 4-for-4 effort, gathering seven total bases, three runs scored, and a stolen base to boot. It was a true team effort, with the 11 RBIs to be had distributed among seven different players. Every Sox got a hit except the García/Trayce Thompson combo.

Tonight’s three moments...

This rebuild might actually work out: Yoan Moncada had another solid game, with three RBI and a run scored. (I can’t go with Engel here, nice as his evening was, because I don’t believe he’ll be in Chicago on the other side of the rebuild.)

I watched, so you didn't have to: Not much to go with here, actually. The Sox were 5-for-7 with RISP. 5-for-7! That is not a typo. I guess I have to ding Jose Abreu for the throwing error. Sorry, José.

This is what being a Sox fan feels like: Just when you have hope that there is some mojo brewing, a bit of momentum being gathered, your utility man goes down and your starting catcher is stupid.

Tonight’s win guaranteed a non-loss in the series, and gives the Sox a chance to win their second series in a row tomorrow. First pitch at 1:10 with Lucas Giolito trying to build on his improved outing at the Methup.

There just wasn’t anywhere else to put this. But an actual capture of a White Sox player out-Yolmering Yolmer must be shared:

Outyolmered: After encountering some semi-quiet treatment in the dugout after his first career home run, José Rondón sought out none other than Yolmer Sánchez to initiate his own celebration.