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Super Stats Pack: Hitters/Pitchers (Game 30)

Now with a full list of qualifying players!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Matty Boom: After another rampage through K.C. Davidson has topped several White Sox offensive leaderboards.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

All right, it’s Super Stats Pack: Hitters/Pitchers edition, Mach III.

Leaderboards have been expanded to include all qualifying players (hitters, 1 PA/game, pitchers, 1 BF/game), which at this point just extends it to a dozen guys or so. Later on, if the number of qualifiers really blows up, I’ll trim it to a Top 10 or 12 or 15.

In all applicable cases, I’ve included a highlighted “average” performer for each stat, so you can get an idea of what a league average value is (most often, these are players from other teams, but in a few cases, White Sox players are exactly league average). For stats where “zero” is by definition average, I’ve used different colors for above- and below-average players.

Further feedback definitely welcome. If there’s a stat in these reports that should be swapped out for something better, or is redundant, let us know. This is still a work in progress.

If you would like these stats defined, it’s going to be way easier for me to direct you to FanGraphs for either offensive or pitching terms.