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Draft signings: Stiever, Perez lead seven of the top 10 picks into the fold

White Sox have officially inked 25 picks already, so they’re more than halfway home

So it Begins: Andrew Perez and White Sox signing scout Steve Nichols made the southpaw the first Chisox signee of the draft on June 8.
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Update: June 14

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline reports that Jason Bilous inked a $185,000 deal with the White Sox, $60,000 more than the baseline $125,000 max for picks after Round 10. So the signing reduces Chicago’s Round 1-10 bonus pool by $60k.

Update: June 13

The White Sox just released a list of 25 official signings. Turns out Kelvin Maldonado was posing on Instagram with Sox gear for a reason (Round 11)!

It’s been a week since the meatiest portions of the MLB draft began, so it seems a good time to issue an update on where the 40 White Sox draft picks stand.

In terms of the very top selections, Nick Madrigal and Konnor Pilkington (No. 1 and 3) still being alive in the College World Series should slow down the signing process for No. 2 pick Steele Walker.

The quick summary (our signing list includes Micah Coffey from the University of Minnesota, who has not yet been confirmed as a White Sox by the club):

  • Signed: 26
  • Leaning Toward Signing: 1
  • Unsigned: 5
  • Unlikely to Sign: 2
  • Won’t Sign: 2
  • Can’t Sign (still active in the College World Series): 4

The White Sox have $10,589,900 in their bonus pool, which applies to picks 1-10.

Two of their 10 draftees have signed, for a total of $536,800. Jason Bilous (13th round) signed for $60,000 over slot, so the committed bonus pool money stands at $596,800. The White Sox have $9,993,100 left to sign their eight remaining choices.

Any scuttlebutt you run across, please drop it in the comments, so the lists can be updated. I’m not a Callis fanboy or MLB draft superfan, so help a brother out.


Lency Delgado, SS, Doral Academy H.S. (Fla.) (Round 4, Pick 108 — $517,800 value)

Delgado’s Twitter and Instagram accounts seem to indicate he will be signing. Apparently he’s got a White Sox logo somewhere on his social media, as well. White Sox confirmed the signing on June 13.

Jonathan Stiever, RHP, Indiana (Round 5, Pick 138 — $386,800 value)

Steiver signed for the full slot value of $386,800, per SoxTalk.

Round 5 surplus: $0

Codi Heuer, RHP, Wichita State (Round 6, Pick 168 — $290,200 value)

Cabera Weaver, OF, South Gwinnett H.S. (Ga.) (Round 7, Pick 198 — $226,200 value)

Weaver was going to need an over-slot offer to sign, as he is committed to play at the University of Georgia in 2019, so apparently that’s just what happened. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Andrew Perez, LHP, South Florida (Round 8, Pick 228 — $179,200 value)

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline reports that the Perez signing bonus was $150,000.

Round 8 surplus: $29,200

Gunnar Troutwine, C, Wichita State (Round 9, Pick 258 — $153,200 value)

FutureSox has confirmation that Troutwine has signed and is at Camelback Ranch. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Bennett Sousa, LHP, Virginia (Round 10, Pick 288 — $142,300 value)

Sousa listed himself as a White Sox player on Instagram, so what more confirmation do you need in the year 2018? Well, it was confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Kelvin Maldonado, SS, Pro Baseball H.S. & Academy (P.R.) (Round 11, Pick 318)

First he got a “good luck in pro ball!” congrats from his school on Twitter, then came this this Instagram, which was a promising sign. And then: official word from the White Sox on June 13.

Jason Bilous, RHP, Coastal Carolina (Round 13, Pick 378)

Delaware radio station WDEL writes that Bilous will forego his senior season and join the White Sox:

Confirmed by White Sox on June 13. Callis reports Bilous’ bonus at $185,000, $60,000 more than the Round 11-40 max per pick.

Round 13 debit: $60,000

Luke Shilling, RHP, Illinois (Round 15, Pick 438)

@ShillPickle says he’s a White Sox pitcher now, so that’s good enough for me. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Ty Greene, C, California-Berkeley (Round 16, Pick 468)

FutureSox reports Greene’s Instagram account lists him as a White Sox. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Travis Moniot, SS, Arizona (Round 17, Pick 498)

Boom! Twitter confirm. The White Sox confirmed the signing on June 13.

Romy González, 3B, Miami (Round 18, Pick 528)

Callis reports that González signed with the White Sox for $125,000, the max amount any player drafted after the 10th round can earn without the money counting against a team’s bonus pool. The signing, not the bonus, was confirmed by the White Sox on June 13.

Gabriel Ortiz, C, PJ Education School (P.R.) (Round 19, Pick 558)

Per official White Sox release on June 13.

Jimmy Galusky, SS, West Virginia (Round 20, Pick 588)

Galusky confirmed to FutureSox that he signed with the team on June 9. Confirmed by the White Sox on June 13.

Nick Johnson, RHP, Rhode Island (Round 21, Pick 618)

Johnson’s selection is bittersweet, as his career-championing mother passed away from cancer lat year. The righty confirmed to the Worcester Telegram he was on his way to Montana, via Arizona:

Confirmed by the White Sox on June 13.

Lane Ramsey, RHP, Oklahoma (Round 23, Pick 678)

Ramsey put this message out on Twitter, which was promising enough. There’s wasn’t any obvious confirmation he was a White Sox as yet, but as a senior, and with both FutureSox and SoxTalk pegging him a member of the White Sox, let’s issue Ramsey some baseball pants, K? Signing was confirmed by the White Sox on June 13.

Rigo Fernandez, LHP, Cal State-Dominguez Hills (Round 24, Pick 708)

Per White Sox release on June 13.

Jack Maynard, RHP, North Carolina-Greensboro (Round 25, Pick 738)

Per White Sox release on June 13.

Devon Perez, RHP, Oklahoma (Round 26, Pick 768)

Perez confirmed to Future Sox that he has signed. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Ian Dawkins, OF, Sacramento State (Round 27, Pick 798)

FutureSox reported that Dawkins had a shot of his Camelback Ranch locker space on his Instagram account, but it doesn’t seem to be there any longer. SoxTalk also records Dawkins as signed, so let’s give the guy a ballcap already. Signing was confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Logan Sowers, OF, Indiana (Round 28, Pick 828)

We missed his mom’s invitation to the draft party, but Sowers is a Sox.

Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Taylor Varnell, LHP, Oral Roberts (Round 29, Pick 858)

Taylor Varnell, all-in.

Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.

Micah Coffey, SS, Minnesota (Round 30, Pick 888)

Now, if I’m the GM, selecting a Chicago Cubs fan, even in the lower rounds, might be some sort of Wonderlic test fail for me. But, you know, Rick Hahn eventually saw the error of his ways and got down with the South Side, so why not Coffey? Coffey is from suburban Batavia and, as a senior, will sign. Family allegiance changes? TBD.

From Tribune affiliate, the Aurora Beacon-News:

Austin Conway, RHP, Louisville (Round 31, Pick 918)

According to Future Sox, Conway signed with the White Sox on June 8. White Sox confirmed on June 13.

Aaron Soto, LHP, Florida International (Round 32, Pick 948)

Soto has signed with the White Sox, and is in Arizona. Confirmed by White Sox on June 13.


Steele Walker, OF, Oklahoma (Round 2, Pick 46 — $1,566,100 value)

Isaiah Carranza, RHP, Azusa Pacific (Round 12, Pick 348)

Ryan Fitzpatrick, 1B, California-Irvine (Round 22, Pick 648)

A clever user over at SoxTalk has noted that Fitzpatrick has tweeted just 23 times, but three have to do with his selection by the White Sox. Sounds like someone itching to get to Arizona, if you ask me.

Bryce Bush, OF, De La Salle H.S. (Mich.) (Round 33, Pick 978)

Alec Valenzuela, C, Great Oak H.S. (Calif.) (Round 34, Pick 1,008)

Adrian Del Castillo, C, Gulliver Prep (Fla.) (Round 36, Pick 1,068)

Del Castillo is committed to the University of Miami for 2019. He was also the No. 194 overall draft prospect per MLB Pipeline, so signing him as a 36th rounder is a pipe dream.

Cannon King, 1B, Beverly Hills H.S. (Calif.) (Round 37, Pick 1.098)

Mason Montgomery, LHP, Leander H.S. (Texas) (Round 39, Pick 1,158)

Montgomery is committed to the Texas Tech University for 2019.

Won’t Sign

Matthew Klug, OF, Brookwood H.S. (Ga.) (Round 38, Pick 1,128)

Kyle Salley, LHP, Homewood-Flossmoor H.S. (Ill.) (Round 40, Pick 1,188)

The final pick in the draft is becoming a spot where the White Sox traditionally pick one of the their ACE Program graduates. Salley is ticketed for the Duke University roster in 2019.

Can’t Sign

Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State (Round 1, Pick 4 — $6,411,400 value)

The Beavers are still competing in the College World Series, so Madrigal cannot sign.

Konnor Pilkington, LHP, Mississippi State (Round 3, Pick 81 — $726.000 value)

The Bulldogs are still competing in the CWS, so Pilkington cannot sign.

Davis Martin, RHP, Texas Tech (Round 14, Pick 408)

The Red Raiders are still competing in the CWS, so Martin cannot sign.

If we are to divine meaning from pinned tweets, however, looks like we’re gonna reel Martin in:

Jason Morgan, RHP, North Carolina (Round 35, Pick 1,038)

The Tar Heels are still competing in the CWS, so Morgan cannot sign.

Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Carter Love, RHP, College of Charleston

Love is a six-foot-six giant who pitched out of the Cougars pen and dialed up a 1.38 ERA over 71 23 innings, along with nice peripherals like a 1.1 BB/9 and 7.2 K/9.