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Value Survey: Game 81

It was a brutal 11-game stretch for White Sox surplus values

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox
Steal of the Season: Tim Anderson is almost twice as good a surplus value bargain as any other White Sox player.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With the season’s midpoint upon us, it makes sense to put together a value survey piece to measure where this ballclub is at.

I probably don’t have to tell you.

It’s not just the losing results on the field; the White Sox are proving to be surplus value (SV) losers as well. Over the past 11 games alone, only four hitters and five pitchers have gained in SV. That means 30 of 39 players registering below lost value; that’s 77% of White Sox players, bub.

[FanGraphs, our stats partner, generates dollar values for WAR. For the White Sox roster, FanGraphs is valuing 1.0 WAR at $9,261,538. By prorating salary, we can subtract salary paid from each player’s dollar war value to generate SV.]

Tim Anderson, bless him, remains the team leader in SV, and is pulling away from the field, at $14.1 million. Anderson’s SV is double that of anyone on the team, with the exception of two players — Yoán Moncada ($8,425,000) and Yolmer Sánchez ($7,525,000).

Matt Davidson, the fourth best SV hitter and fifth-best overall, earned $100,000 in value for his 1-2-3 eighth inning on Friday vs. the Texas Rangers.

On the flip side, Dylan Covey took a huge SV tumble, from tops among pitchers to ninth on the staff. José Abreu’s June slump had the same effect, pushing $10 million in lost SV over 11 days.

White Sox vs. average team breakdown

To offer perspective on how the White Sox are doing relative to the league, I’ve created a generic “average” MLB team (average payroll, average WAR production) to use as a basis of comparison against the White Sox. The White Sox are doing far worse than that club when it comes to overall value this season:

The average MLB team has 16.5 WAR, which is $152,815,385 in value, $69,281,157 in salary and and SV of $83,534,228.

The White Sox have 6.5 WAR (-1.3 WAR from just 11 days ago), which is $60,200,000 in value, $34,984,583 in salary and $25,215,417 in surplus value.

So, the White Sox are 10.0 WAR worse than an average team, which is $92,615,385 worse in value, despite spending just $34,296,574 less in salary.

That’s horrible.

Thus the White Sox surplus value is $58,318,811 less than the average team. Another way to look at it, on a per-game basis the White Sox are getting $719,985.32 less surplus value from their players than the average major league team.

Yes, the White Sox are rapidly approaching a million dollars less in average SV per game than the average team.

Quick Peeks

Top Hitter Value: Tim Anderson, $14,600,000

Top Pitcher Value: James Shields, $8,000,000

Lowest Hitter Value: Trayce Thompson, -$9,200,00

Lowest Pitcher Value: Carson Fulmer, -$4,700,000

Top Hitter SV: Tim Anderson, $14,100,000

Top Pitcher SV: Reynaldo López, $7,025,000

Lowest Hitter SV: Trayce Thompson, -$9,403,704

Lowest Pitcher SV: Hector Santiago, -$5,100,000

Biggest Hitter SV Jump: Tim Anderson, $2,400,000

Biggest Pitcher SV Jump: Jace Fry, $4,426,852

Biggest Hitter SV Drop: José Abreu, -$9,400,000

Biggest Pitcher SV Drop: Dylan Covey, -$8,639,198