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Gamethread: Royals at White Sox

You say it’s your birthday? Well, it’s my birthday too, yeah

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
¡Felicitaciones!: Reynaldo became a father today. Guessing he’ll have extra papa power on the mound, with plenty of those patented smiles.

It’s Lucas Giolito’s 24th birthday, and number zero for Zoe López. ¡Felicitaciones all!

If you missed last night’s Six Pack of Stats, c’mon, it’s good stuff. OK, I’ll give you a freebie: With their sixth win in eight tries against the Royals, 18.8% (six of 32) of the White Sox’s wins have come against Kansas City this season. Pay their hotel bill for ’em, Reinsdorf.

Oh! Oh! It’s also the 25th anniversary of the 1993 team at the ballpark, in case you didn’t already read our Flashback piece, in which the ever-dramatic Bo Jackson takes front and center.

So, there’s a game today, too, unless the pregame rains don’t stop.

Fresh off of the birth of his first child ...

The White Sox drag Tim Anderson up to leadoff, facing Opening Day punching bag Danny Duffy:

On the side of the team that has already lost as many games as the 2015 World Series champs lost all season (OK, I just cracked off a second from the Six Pack):