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Six Pack of Stats: Royals 5, White Sox 0

Danny Duffy’s dominating game earned him an easy MVP on Saturday

Downer: Yeah, that’s one depressing win expectancy graph for the White Sox.

Not the most inspiring game for the Chicago White Sox, as they were whitewashed by the Kansas City Royals on Saturday. Still, we crack open the Six Pack.


Only three White Sox players had positive WPAs: Yoán Moncada (.071), Jace Fry (.002) and Chicago’s MVP for the game, Kevan Smith (.109).


K.C.’s Danny Duffy, with seven innings, four hits, three walks and eight Ks, was the definitive MVP of the game, with an astronomical .388 WPA — 77.6% of the Royals’ total for the game.


It seems a strange selection, but the highest-leverage play of the game was Moncada’s advance to second base on a Duffy wild pitch in the fourth, good for 2.57 LI.


Yoán Moncada has five triples, along with 18 doubles, 11 homers and 40 RBI in the first half; the only other players to have 15-plus doubles, five-plus triples, 10-plus home runs and 40-plus RBIs are Javier Báez, Andrew Benintendi and Trevor Story. Only six others have reached those marks in White Sox history: Al Simmons (1933), Gee Walker (1939), Iván Calderón (1989), Ray Durham (2000), José Valentín (2000) and Alex Rios (2012).


Six White Sox have been elected by fans to start in an All-Star Game: Luis Aparicio (1970), Dick Allen (1972, 1973, 1974), Richie Zisk (1977), Carlton Fisk (1981, 1982), Frank Thomas (1994, 1995, 1996) and José Abreu (2018)


According to STATS, most home runs in a single season against one team by a White Sox player are 11, by Gus Zernial, who hit 11 vs. the St. Louis Browns in 1950. Matt Davidson has seven vs. the Royals in 2018, in eight games. The White Sox have 10 games remaining vs. K.C. this season.