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Super Stats Pack: Team Stats

A bit of positive movement in the power categories, but otherwise, the White Sox rank about how you’d expect them to

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
One Man’s Celebration: The White Sox don’t rank favorably in any team stat, aside from Tim Anderson’s forte, stolen bases.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Well, it’s the All-Star break, time to revisit some of the hard-to-swallow stats from the first half.

The White Sox team stats are given some context by including MLB rankings. Again, there is an additional column added that indicates where the White Sox ranked as of the last Stat Pack, to better see whether the team is trending up or down in particular areas.

Offensively, the closest the White Sox are to the top of any category is stolen bases, fourth in the league, at 37.

On the pitching side, the White Sox are last in baseball in walks per nine, xFIP, and left on base percentage.

The big movers this time around:

  • Chicago’s .158 isolated power places it 16th in the league after being tied for 20th in our last survey.
  • With a .402 slugging percentage, the White Sox jumped to 17th in baseball from 23rd.
  • With 1.18 HR/9, the team dropped from tied for 16th to 20th.

If you would like any of these stats defined, check out FanGraphs for either offensive or pitching terms.