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Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

Yolmer wins an award! Also: over/under on number of Mike Trout unintentional-intentional walks tonight?

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels
Bromance in Bloom: Among the tamest of Yolmer’s antics is his postgame clinch with José.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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Boy, there are a lot of MLB awards ...

I’d like to hereby nominate Yolmer for the not-yet-invented Amenable Antics Award. His AAA resume includes:

  • Gatorade bath after Trayce Thompson’s walk-off home run.
  • Gatorade and ice bath for Avisaíl García mere days after Avi came off the DL for a bad hammy/knee.
  • Mockery of Cleveland right fielder Melky Cabrera from the dugout, as Melky was attempting to play right field.
  • Hitting Miguel González in the nads with his glove in the postgame win handshake line.
  • After every hit, the Teletubbie/Mickey Mouse/bump-n-grind move.
  • Massive bear hug for José Abreu after every win.

That said, here’s how the Chicago White Sox line up as they shoot for two straight at the Big A:

Shall we preordain at least four unintentional-intentional walks for Mike Trout again tonight?

First career start for Felix Peña? I’m just gonna put it out there: uh-oh.