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Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

Chicago soldiers on, without its Mexicutioner

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chip, Flipped: Soria’s run of appearances without an earned run (last 24 of 25 games) and closer solidity over the past couple of months ends his short stint on the South Side sweetly.
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

So the first domino to fall in the White Sox’s annual asset auction at the trade deadline, this year’s reduced to local cable access Wheel of Fortune game level, is Joakim Soria, dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers today for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Pérez. If you haven’t heard, that is, because you’ve been under a rock, or watching local cable access Wheel of Fortune.

In other developments, in the category of millionaires spending their money on weird crap, for the low, low price of $3,000, you can commemorate the BP tosses of James Shields and Chris Volstad on Wednesday night with your very own collectible baseball card! Limited to 10 copies, and available for just 24 hours!

While the Joakim Soria trade stories contains a debate in the comments on whether or not Carson Fulmer should chase his rough outing in Charlotte today by flying cross-country in his cleats and uni in order to provide bullpen coverage for the Chicago White Sox in Anaheim, apparently the White Sox will be a man down for the finale against the Angels. Thank goodness modern rosters feature 38-man staffs, and in the White Sox’s case that is not counting Matt Davidson.

Yo-Yo is back atop the order! Dylan Covey follows up his 8 13 innings or 86 game score joy (second best White Sox starter effort all season) in Seattle with a win to help Chicago take the series.

On the flip side, the Angels announced today that Mike Trout will be playing all three outfield positions today, providing he gets to bat No. 2, 3 and 4 in the order.

MLB has rejected this request.

So, here’s how the game-under-.500 Angels line up, as they desperately attempt to split a series against the third-worst team in baseball:

I bet you didn’t know Nick Tropeano’s Twitter handle started with PaPa. It’s like he took over his grandfather’s, which is sort of sweet. Maybe if we follow him, we’ll get all sorts of trivia about knick-knacks and Velveeta cheese.