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Gamethread: Blue Jays at White Sox

Chicago attempts to avoid its second four-game streak of allowing at least 10 runs; starter Lucas Giolito is charged with keeping the final tally under double figures

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox
It Takes a Worried Man: To sing a worried song.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After Reynaldo López pooped himself last night, it seems Lucas Giolito has shake-and-baked his way back into the lead in the battle for most promising unproven rotation arm, which is the way the pair ended last season. Of course, Giolito has backed into that status due to Reylo’s recent stinkitude, but still, two of Giolito’s last three starts have been strong, one average. It’s something to build on, or something.

Tonight, Yo-Yo is up top ...

... and our closer is batting sixth.

And from the Great White North, some weirdness is afoot:

Perhaps the White Sox will raise the ante and start Davidson on the mound on Sunday.