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Tradethread: Deadline Day

Brian Dozier is dumped on L.A., Chris Archer heads to the Pirates, Tommy Pham brings his bamm-bamm to Tampa, and other minor deals to date

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Slip Slidin’ to LA: Brian Dozier was dumped out to the Dodgers with a half-hour to spare on Deadline Day.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images



Not to distract from our ongoing #CheckedAllTheBoxes debate, here’s a thread to discuss any late deals or near-deals as we wait for Chicago White Sox baseball, with your host Danks for Nothin, to resume tonight.

Thread will be updated as necessary. The trade deadline falls at 4 p.m. EST.

Divine Bruce Levine getting rightfully roasted on this one in the replies:

Jacob Waguespack is on the move!

Fairly big Tampa Bay Rays-Pittsburgh Pirates move ...

And in the category of “they’re just prospects ... but ... “

Last Blue Jays appearance for Axford was the first start of his long MLB career.

Oops ...

And and even worse (later) oops ...

Or, maybe not, as French was reporting that Fiers himself was telling teammates he was heading to Oakland ...

When you’re so bad at writing, your best tweets seem like jokes, but they always end up 100% straight:

And, natch, past the deadline ...