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Gamethread: White Sox at Astros

Please have mercy on our boys this afternoon

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Stretch: Lucas Giolito hopes to get a leg up on the Astros.
Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Making the 2018 White Sox play a four-game series against the Astros in Houston is some kind of sick joke. The difference in quality between the two teams has been on full display—one has gotten all its tanking over with, and one still has its feet on the tank floor and is taking its time swimming back up.

Add in the dismal home series in April, and the Sox are one loss away from getting swept in the season series against the defending champs. In the first six games, they’ve scored 15 runs and allowed 54. They are outmatched in every aspect of the game. We all accept that. Another loss is certainly the more likely outcome, but even the lowly White Sox win a third of their games.

In fact, one more loss would drop them back down to .333 (repeating) at 30-60. In case you’re wondering, those franchise-worst 1948 White Sox were worse off, at 28-61, although their 51-101 final record just barely inches over the one-third line.

Today’s game pits Lucas Giolito against Dallas Keuchel. Giolito has turned in two quality starts in his last eight tries, and is coming off a seven-run clunker against the Reds. Now he’s up against the best offense in baseball with the best plate discipline (K%-BB%) in baseball, so if his control fails him he’s going to be in deep trouble immediately. One encouraging sign: his fastball velocity has been back up in his last three starts (93.5 mph) after averaging 91.6.