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Six Pack of Stats: Palka Power

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With that impressive, triumphant clout, we’ll devote the entire Pack to Smash

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Sans Yolmer: With Sánchez occupied with dousing third-base coach Nick Capra, the rest of the White Sox roster did their best to drench Palka at home plate.
Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Woo boy, that was fun.

Look at this freaking pitch Daniel Palka sent out to left, for the walk-off win:

Now, look at the front page headlines on for the Palk Smash:

Such is life for a 42-73 team, I guess.

Anyway, let’s crack the Six Pack, in honor of the South Side’s latest folk hero.



It’s been six years since the White Sox had a 1-0, walk-off win:


Palka’s smash was at a 24 degree launch angle, per Statcast.


It’s been 51 years since the White Sox hit a walk-off home run in a scoreless game:

Also per @SoxNerd, Palka’s shot was the White Sox’s first-ever, walk-off, 1-0 win on a home run.


The home run was hit with 101.7 mph exit velocity, according to Statcast.


The opposite-field blast traveled an estimated 389 feet, per Statcast.

Thank you, and goodnight: