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Gamethread: Indians at White Sox

Palka-mania reigns on a night to honor Jim Thome

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox
Pre-Gatorade Bath: Daniel Palka tees up his game-winning homer.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, fellow White Sox fans! Long time, no chat.

Here’s my summary of the Sox season since my last game recap on June 16 (!!!, can’t believe Brett hasn’t fired me yet):

  • Box-checking memes galore.
  • The Sox trade Joakim Soria and ... uh, that’s it.
  • Carlos Rodon looks like an ace.
  • Yoan Moncada strikes out. A lot.
  • Seriously, when the *@%&# are Eloy and Kopech going to be called up?
  • Palka late-inning home run.
  • Palka late-inning home run.
  • Palka walk-off home run!!!

The White Sox go for two in a row tonight against the Cleveland Indians, and they honor recent Hall of Fame inductee Jim Thome with a bobble head. A win doesn’t seem very likely with Trevor Bauer on the mound for the Tribe, but stranger things have happened (see: Covey, Dylan v. Chris Sale)

The lineups:

And if you think the White Sox budget constraints are intense, welcome to Cleveland: