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Gamethread: Royals at White Sox

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It’s Tim Anderson bobblehead night! He and his teammates face off against a beer vendor from Lenexa

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
On Tim Anderson Night: Actual bobbleheads may not be actual size.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you’re on the fence about going ... it’s Tim Anderson bobblehead night!

Yo-Yo up top, Palka Power at cleanup, one-legged Avi taunting Herr Ricky from the five-spot, and the man of the hour (TA) hitting sixth and looking for a home run that will get him a spaghetti dinner back home.

Oh, Dylan Covey is pitching. The game will not be a short one.

The race for the Royals to secure a better draft pick than the White Sox continues tonight.

A guy named Brad Keller takes the bump for Kansas City, and there is no universe where you can convince me he isn’t a Kauffman Stadium beer vendor from Lenexa who stepped onto the wrong bus at the end of the last homestand and was handed a No. 56 jersey: