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Live Gamethread: Twins at White Sox

Michael Kopech Day warrants the Opening Day treatment, yeah?

MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at Chicago White Sox
Christmas in August: Or, Halfway to Hanukkah.
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7:59 p.m.

7:54 p.m.

Kopech’s second inning was also labored, although he ended it with three strikeouts. He had Robbie Grossman down two strikes, then grazed him with a fastball that just nipped his hip. Big Bobby Wilson cracked his bat on a single to left, putting runners on first and second. As rain started falling, Joe Mauer was punched out on a high strike.

Through two: 3 H, HBP, 4 K, 52 pitches/35 strikes (40 fastballs, 11 sliders, 1 change) 50 game score.

During the inning break, the rain picked up, and we’re now in a delay.

7:26 p.m.

Kopech’s first inning started with leadoff singles from Joe Mauer and Eddie Rosario, putting runners on first and third. From there, Kopech got Jorge Polanco on a popup to left, whiffed Miguel Sanó on a check swing, and got Max Kepler to pop out to center field.

All told: 2H, K, 22 pitches/15 strikes (19 fastballs, 3 sliders) 43 game score

7:01 p.m.

6:57 p.m.

Hey, look! A Trib reporter at the White Sox game!

Hey pards, been out doing yardwork, shopping, errands ... what’d I miss?

First order of business: What the hell, how about some live gamethread action tonight? Not like Michael Kopech’s first Chicago White Sox start doesn’t warrant it. Given the excitement, I’m gonna pop this mofo up about an hour before gametime, so that our SSS compadres (WIN05, Danks for Nothin, Darren Jackson, Michael Kenny, surely others) can check in with a sense of the ballpark excitement.

I’ll try to keep this post fresh with fun tweets and inning-by-inning pitch logs, although the comments probably will be fast and furious enough that no one will bother reading the updates. (That’s cool, though; I can just post the gamethread as my recap, none the wiser ... #ExBeatTrix.)

So, first order of business, today’s White Sox transactions:

Leury is just on the 10-day, but reports are it’s a Grade 2 strain, which puts him out of action three to six weeks. Combine even an aggressive return with September call-ups, and we’ve seen the last of Leury this season. Write down his 0.2 fWAR for the season in pen, folks.

Tyler Danish hasn’t pitched in more than a week, so getting him some reps at Charlotte makes sense. There’s still the matter of having six starters (Kopech, James Shields, Carlos Rodón, Lucas Giolito, Dylan Covey and Reynaldo López) smashed into five spots. I’m skeptical that, barring a waiver trade deal involving Shields, the White Sox are dead set on a five-man rotation; but if Shields is on the South Side for the duration and Don Cooper won’t damn the torpedoes on a six-man, well, seems Covey heads to the pen.

I’d grind my teeth about LaMarre getting the call instead of Eloy, but, sigh, one plum prospect up at a time, ’spose. (Or, read: The full battalion of Eloy jerseys haven’t been screened/stitched/barcoded for the souvenir stands as yet.)

Also, the injury list has lengthened, as José Abreu sits tonight with abdominal pain, and in the manager’s seat ...

Get well soon, Ricky and José!

So, the lineup to scrawl in your souvenir scorecards tonight, for a future Kopech auto:

And, for the Twinkidinks: