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Six Pack of Stats: Michael Kopech’s debut

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The fireballer wasn’t Chicago’s MVP tonight, but his WPA and leverage numbers were impressive

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
First One Down: It was just a two-inning outing, but 22-year-old Michael Kopech gave White Sox fans a thrill in his debut.
Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images
Yoán Moncada’s seventh-inning homer seemingly swung win expectancy comfortably back in Chicago’s favor, but the ninth inning was just a long, steep decline.


Michael Kopech, with four strikeouts in just two innings of work, logged a .100 WPA, good for fourth-best on the Chicago White Sox in his debut game.


Go figure: It was the other guy in the Chris Sale trade, Yoán Moncada, who had the highest Chicago White Sox WPA on Tuesday, earning him the team MVP.


Kopech faced 1.19 pLI of leverage in his two innings, seventh-most on the White Sox on Tuesday. Top leverage on the Chicago side was Jace Fry’s 2.98, in facing just two batters at game’s end.


Kopech’s two highest-leverage batters faced came at the end of his two innings. Inducing a pop out to center from Max Kepler to end the first, and punching out Joe Mauer to end the second, both were 1.72 LI plays.


Two of the 10 Minnesota Twins who Kopech faced in the game worked the count to three balls; Kopech issued zero walks, however.


The pitcher Kopech has replaced in the White Sox rotation, Dylan Covey, took four [2:30 a.m. wording misuse; redacted per SSS grammarians ... and where have you gone, gibby 32?] pitches (52 to 48) to record two more outs than the rookie did in his debut.