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Six Pack of Stats: Tigers 7, White Sox 2

Adam Engel is the White Sox MVP for the second straight game

No Suspense: Before the fourth inning had ended, Detroit secured the win for good.


It didn’t amount to all that much, as five Detroit Tigers logged higher totals, but Adam Engel’s pair of doubles earned him a .017 WPA, making him the Chicago White Sox game MVP for the second straight time.


Detroit is 10-3 against the White Sox so far this year, a winning percentage of .769.


Ryan LaMarre went 2-for-3 with a steal and an error in Thursday’s loss. His 1.03 pLI represented the top leverage faced by any Sox player; unfortunately, with a -.049 WPA, LaMarre faltered in the face of that leverage.


Yikes! There were just two positive-WPA players for Chicago today: Engel, at .017, and Ryan Burr, at .002.


José Rondón’s home run extended the White Sox’s streak of games with a homer to 15, which is tied for third all-time in White Sox history. Next on the list is 16 straight games, accomplished by the White Sox between May 25 and June 10, 1987.

The White Sox hit 32 homers during that stretch (Greg Walker 6, Ivan Calderon 5, Harold Baines 4, Jerry Royster 4, Carlton Fisk 3, Ken Williams 3, Daryl Boston 2, Ozzie Guillén, Jerry Hariston, Tim Hulett, Ron Karkovice, Pat Keedy). The team went 5-11 over the stretch of 16 games. Williams saved the streak at game 15, hitting a home run in the eighth inning, the only real close call deep in the streak. And in a consecutive win and loss against Texas on June 1-2, Chicago clocked 10 homers total.


When Rondón was whiffed by Matt Boyd for the second out in the fourth inning, Detroit’s win expectancy hit 52.1% and would not fall below 50% for the rest of the game.