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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 6, Tigers 3

Yoán Moncada gets the MVP, but Daniel Palka gets a little swaggy

Down, Down, Down: What a delight to see such a precipitously steep drop in win expectancy for the home team — when the White Sox are on the road.


Yoán Moncada’s one-out, bases-loaded double to knock in two and get the game-winning rally started in the eighth inning helped catapult him to Friday’s game and White Sox MVP, with .266 WPA.


Tim Anderson’s two-RBI double to close out the scoring in the eighth fell approximately two feet short of being a home run. Had the ball enjoyed a touch more carry, the White Sox would have hit home runs in 16 straight games, the second-longest streak in team history.


Reynaldo López ran six of the 24 Detroit Tigers batters he faced in the game to 3-2 counts.


López had three-ball counts on eight of the 24 batters he faced in the game.


Despite those deep counts, López ended up just fine, burning through 111 pitches in just 5 23 innings, but ending with a 61 game score.


Estimated miles per hour of a typical Daniel Palka base hit to right field, per Jason Benetti: